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We know just how extreme the mercury fluctuates during summer and winter seasons in Edmonton, Canada. Such an environment would require far more durable plumbing and heating solutions that are up to the task regardless of the season. As an Edmonton plumber, we are able to look into a building’s heating and plumbing requirements and service whatever needs to be fixed while performing long overdue replacements on the relevant parts.

Weather Conditions

Edmonton offers a unique proposition where the summer and winter seasons deliver a contrast, being extremely cold during the winter while being unbearably hot in the summer. The dry climate and very little humidity during the summer, in addition to the frigid winters that have an average temperature of -15 Celsius accompanied by a long snow season, are factors that can cause stress in a building’s plumbing system. The bitter cold also calls for a decent and reliable heating solution that is able to keep the inhabitants of a building warm and comfortable. When spring makes way for summer, the temperature also rises accordingly to an average of 23 Celsius. Over the years, this change in extreme temperatures will often take a toll on the building’s plumbing system due to the expansion and contraction that comes with such a temperature range. Leaks and cracks are inevitable, and this situation calls for homeowners or renters in Edmonton to take the necessary measures in order to protect their home. It also does not hurt if you have an Edmonton plumber’s number handy in case of an emergency.

When it gets too cold in Alberta

The extremely cold winters in Edmonton might be a fun time for the children as they can enjoy ice skating and other winter sports, but the home’s plumbing system is not going to be too pleased. Pipes tend to get frozen at negative Celsius temperatures, and this would require a load of work to prevent the plumbing system from any damage or malfunction. We recommend homeowners to disconnect and drain all water from garden hoses, while using insulating foam covers to shield exposed faucets from the elements. All exposed pipes should also be insulated, regardless of whether they carry hot or cold water. Thawing a frozen pipe is easy – a hair dryer will come in handy in such situations, so too will a heat lamp or portable space heater. Once the winter season is over and all frozen pipes are thawed, do monitor the water meter just in case there are any undetected leaks.

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Then comes the hot, hot summers

The soaring temperature during the summer in Edmonton would require a decent cooling solution, and not all air conditioning units are able to be subjected to such harsh weather conditions through the four seasons. It is highly recommended to have a trusted plumber drop by the home or building to perform a thorough inspection of all the pipes and air conditioning units during summer, since repairing any damage or performing replacements would be a far easier task to accomplish as opposed to the tundra-like conditions in winter. Not only will the plumber appreciate the comfortable working conditions then, it makes the task of troubleshooting more convenient.

Keep emergency contacts handy

All homes should have a list of emergency contact numbers that is accessible by everyone living there. Apart from the usual police, fire station, and customary 911 numbers, essential services such as plumbing, heating, and hospital phone numbers should also be on that list in addition to close family members and friends who are the first point of contact. We understand that homeowners would want nothing but the very best for their homes, and rest assured that we are no ordinary plumber in Edmonton.

We are the best plumbing & heating company in Alberta – Period!

We take pride in being one of the best plumbing service providers in Edmonton and continue to strive to deliver the best possible service at all times. We do not deal with just leaky faucets and broken pipes, but offer a wide range of services that range from installation to maintenance across different comfort and plumbing systems. Among these are drains, sinks, toilets, hot water tanks, boilers, furnaces, and air conditioning units. Basically, we are able to tackle anything that goes through a pipe be it in gas or liquid form, ensuring that there is no leakage and subsequently, removing any danger that could arise from such situations.

Plumbing Edmonton, Contact us today!

An accident or emergency never makes a prior announcement, which is why we are well poised to tackle emergency repairs even if it is in the middle of the night. Do contact us at Plumbing Hero today and we will be more than happy to assess your home’s heating and plumbing needs in order to provide a viable solution. We are an Edmonton plumbing outfit that has amassed a wealth of experience and are meticulous in our work, committed to making sure things get done right at the very first time

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